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Intellectual and Practical Framing for Leadership Skills in a Networked World: Opportunities and Questions Addressed

  • Finding and Nurturing Networks: We live in a world where, in many sectors, the challenges we face are too complex for most organizations to address by themselves. Even the most powerful, passionate leader of an educational or nonprofit organization is inadequate to achieving her goals without working effectively with others outside the boundaries of her organization. How do we find, develop, and sustain deep relationships with other organizations—through partnerships and networks, that allow us to work effectively toward reaching our purpose? Click here to find out more and participate in this aspect of the topic.

  • Increasing Connectivity: The increased interdependence and greater need for organizational learning take place at a time when we are increasingly networked—information flows faster, access to people as individuals and at all levels of an organization is dramatically different and many aspects of the world we live in are “flatter.” How can we use these changes in the environment to bring us together and to think differently about how our organizations learn and work together? How can we benefit from a more networked environment and, at the same time, contribute to supporting a larger environment that is more conducive to organizations learning and working together for common purposes? Click here to find out more and participate in this aspect of the topic.

  • Leading Internally: The pressure has never been higher on organizations to learn -- to adapt to the new demands and opportunities in their environment -- and to think differently about both organizational structures and the leadership roles played in them—what organizations look like; how and with whom they work to achieve their goals; how individuals, organizations, and networks engage in deep—adaptive, transformational—learning. How do we participate in partnerships and networks in ways that simultaneous help us and our partners continue to learn? How do we manage the internal issues of becoming and staying open to deep organizational learning and adaptation? Click here to find out more and participate in this aspect of the topic.

Implications for Leadershi
These three sets of opportunities and questions intertwine and provide a framework for the central leadership questions that frame this wikisite: What does it take to effectively lead in this networked world—across boundaries in relationship to other partner and network organizations, within your own organization, and in your larger environment? How can you, and other leaders, be best prepared and supported to successfully operate in this networked world?

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