Social Networking people:
What the nomenclature should be for the other people joing the class?
Invites of people we want to invite-Ones in shared doman go on website [INVITATIONS LINK ON SITE]
-Make sure you have name title e-mail address-EXCEL DOC
-Invites would be more personal or professional depending on who they come from-Own friends send them from yourself
By Sunday Lee will put up draft of invitation

Virtual Sessions people:
1:30-2:30 having a session about Illuminate Wednesday 3/18 [Class test session]
Need computer and internet access
Want people who haven't used before to try it out
From this will be able to make interface as friendly as possible
Feedback will be used for best practices/frequently asked questions
Craft language about sessions as common language

Wiki people:
Phase 2 is linked for content pages. Please make sure to have your pages completed by March 20.

Overall people:
Language-own page of glossary terms (maybe link the first time the word is used), own page of citations,
Be CAREFUL in terms of types of language-written in friendly way, but not assuming a lot of stuff
Fonts, edits, etc.-Wiki Team will do this during phase 3
Intro page
-few bullets-each person
topical-krebs website
Discussion about using the present bullet points
As a content group decide what your key points are in relation to your topic (MAXIMUM 3)
Intro-One paragraph
Key Points #1
-key idea
-example in action
-tools a leader might find useful to get better at leading in this area
-personal implications: what does it take to lead in this area?
-lingering questions