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Heading: Invitation to Harvard module on networks and partnerships

I'd like to invite you to join us this April in an unusual learning and sharing opportunity. I am teaching a graduate class this spring called Partnering: Leadership Skills for a Networked World. Starting on April 4, we will be opening our class to the public. We are inviting scholars and people who work in schools, districts, universities, and non-profits -- anyone interested in what it takes to lead successfully in the increasingly "flat" world we live in -- to join us for a three week public interactive module. You will be able meet others with similar interests through a social networking site, particpate in discussions with network leaders from different sectors through live interactive video links, and read and edit the wiki site used to capture what we are all learning.

The basic premises that guide the module are that we live in a world where the challenges most of us face are too complex for our organizations to address by themselves. Even the most powerful, passionate leader of an educational or nonprofit organization is inadequate to achieving her goals without working effectively with others outside the boundaries of her organization. Meanwhile, the pressure has never been higher on our organizations to learn -- to adapt to the new demands and opportunities in our environments -- and to think differently about both organizational structures and the leadership roles played in them—what organizations look like; how and with whom they work to achieve their goals; how individuals, organizations, and networks engage in deep—adaptive, transformational—learning. The increased interdependence and greater need for organizational learning take place at a time when we are increasingly networked—information flows faster, access to people as individuals and at all levels of an organization is dramatically different and many aspects of the world we live in are “flatter.”

The module focuses on the implications of all this for leadership: What does it take to effectively lead in this networked world—across boundaries in relationship to other partner and network organizations, within your own organization, and in your larger environment? How can you, and other leaders, be best prepared and supported to successfully operate in this networked world?

To learn together about this, we are inviting you to three interrelated activities:

  • There will be three public interactive video conferences- the mornings of April 10, 17, and 24, where innovative leaders from different sectors will be talking about their network and partnership work, and sharing some of the leadership challenges they face. You may log into these live and interact in the discussion or watch them at your convenience
  • There is a a wiki site to capture learning, share resources, and develop insights. It will also be a place to get briefing papers on the guest speakers in April.
  • There is a social networking platform (Facebook) to "meet" people with common interests,and to have deeper discussions of some of what we are all learning.

I hope you are intriqued by this invitation and can join us. There is no cost, and we have done all we can to make it easy-- even if you are unfamiliar with using a wiki, or facebook, or interactive video. To get more info, and to join us, please come to the wikisite at ADD LINK. If there are others whom you know, or in your networks who might be interested in joining us, please pass this email along.

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