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Work or School affiliation and Email address
Introduce yourself-- something about your work and/or interest in networks, partnerships and leadership
Tonia Eckfeld
Associate Professor, University of Melbourne;
Coordinator, Program Delivery, Victorian Institute of Educational Leadership.
The VIEL is building educational leadership capacity in Australian schools and the early childhood sector. We develop and deliver our programs in partnership with universities and other organisations. The VIEL is newly established and in its foundation phase. I would like to connect with world leaders in the field and other Educational Leadership Institutes.
Bernard Wright
Principal Poquoson High School
Exploring new ways to help improve the delivery and sharing of information with staff and students.
Lee Teitel
Lecturer on Education, Harvard Grad School of Education Lee_Teitel@Harvard.edu
As someone who works with leaders in a variety of education and nonprofit organizations trying to bring about deep change, I am impressed with the transformative power of partnerships and participation in networks.
Josh Nankivel
Founder of pmStudent.com
Leadership and project management is my game. Founder of pmStudent.com and lead project manager for the TSSC contract of the Landsat Data Continuity Mission.
Uche Amaechi
2nd year doctoral student at HGSE amaechi@me.com
I am a second year doctoral student studying the use of technology to facilitate learning and collaboration
Debra Bednar
Part-time student at HGSE dab452@mail.harvard.edu
I am a part-time student with a focus on Education Policy & Management. I currently work full-time leading a Marketing Team at Microsoft.
Ron Barbercheck
I am a masters students in the school leadership program at HGSE. rwb416@mail.harvard.edu
As a teacher leader I am interested in forming partnerships that lead to improved student achievement.
Christopher Eide
Ed.M candidate in Education, Policy and Management. cae822@mail.harvard.edu
I am interested in creating partnerships between students, schools and local organizations in order to create social change.
Patty DePalma
HGSE Master's student; concentration in Higher Education Administration; pmd100@mail.harvard.edu
Personal and professional networking is an interest of mine in a less technological and more traditional sense; I am working to integrate all facets of networking into any setting.
Felicia Brown
Ed.M. Candidate, School Leadership Program, fab880@mail.harvard.edu
I am interested primarily in how organizational networks and partnerships can promote citizenship within a community, especially in developing civic engagement in youth.
Abbie Finger
Ed.M. Candidate, School Leadership Program: Principal Licensure, abf207@mail.harvard.edu
As an aspiring high school principal I am interested in creating partnerships with elementary schools and universities to create expanded educational opportunities for urban youth.
Uday Sharad Joshi
Ed.M. Candidate, Arts in Education, Strategic Management, usj812@mail.harvard.edu
My primary area of interest is in non-profit arts management. I plan to start an organization that engages youth populations in nation building, international diplomacy, and cultural exchange.
Laura Ellis-Lai
Ed. M. Candidate, Arts in Education, lle870@mail.harvard.edu
As a college composition instructor and a visiting poet-in-the-schools at the junior high and high school levels, I'm interested in ways that universities can collaborate with local communities to help build a pipeline to college for underprivildeged youth.
Elena Belle White
Ed.M. Candidate, Arts in Education, elena_white@mail.harvard.edu
As an arts educator/administrator I have a specific interest in promoting transformational partnerships that enhance learning and bring high-quality arts experiences to young people.

Nora Crowley
Ed.M. Candidate, Education Policy & Management, ncc197@mail.harvard.edu
I'm particularly interested in non-profit management and leadership development. I want to find the best ways for an organization to achieve its mission, and I think learning from external partners is essential to an organization's development.
Shilpa Patwardhan
Ed.M. Candidate, Technology, Innovation, and Education. svp460@mail.harvard.edu
I am interested in how technology can be used to enhance teaching and learning. I want to create a network of peer producers to create open source education materials for children in India.
Gino Beniamino
Instructional Technologist, HGSE
Ed.M. Candidate, Technology, Innovation, Education
As both an employee and student at HGSE, I have gained an interesting perspective on how the community works together. I am very interested in promoting internal collaboration within my organization and helping to build stronger partnerships between schools across the entire university.
Mariam Chughtai
Ed.D. Education Policy, Leadership, and Instructional Practice
I am interested in education policy reform in Pakistan, particularly teacher quality in public schools. I am also a student of politics in education, looking to see how education can be used for creating a more democratic or authoritarian society.
Retired VP of Glendale Community College in Southern California; occasional education consultant.
Life-long interest in both information technology and promoting collaborative/democratic institutions, especially in education, where they have proven successful.
Chris Dede
Wirth Professor in Learning Technologies, HGSE
I am delighted by this site, which exemplifies the fusion of emerging technologies, leadership, and policy that characterizes my work.
Carl Sussman
Principal, Sussman Associates, Newton, MA
Management and community development consulting. carl@sussmanassociates.com
I consult to nonprofit organizations and foundations. Much of my work and research centers on organizational effectiveness. I am particularly interested in developing the organizational capacity to change and learn; what I call "adaptive capacity." A pivotal element of adaptive capacity is maintaining an open organization where the organization and staff are able work across organizational boundaries and use simultaneously through formal organizations and emergent networks forms of organization.
Danielle Martin
Master of City Planning candidate,
MIT Dept of Urban Studies & Planning
research: MITatLawrence.net
personal blog: VerdeSmoke.com
digital storytelling: StoriesForChange.net
I'm a research assistant with MIT@Lawrence and we're currently working on a documentary about how university-community partnerships can adopt more networked (and student-run) models for relationship-based knowledge generation.
Joshua Starr,
(Ed.D. APSP/USP, 2001)
Superintendent of Schools, Stamford, CT. jstarr@ci.stamford.ct.us
I'm in the Connecticut Superintendent's Network and want to increase my knowledge of how networks can impact instruction. I'm also very interested to learn more about using this type of technology/platform for learning.
Aaron Gray
Harvard Business School MBA c/o 2009
Professional background in finance (investment banking & investment management), long-term interest in urban education reform; currently planning to work for a CMO after graduating from HBS
Bill Traynor
Lawrence CommunityWorks
Executive Director of Lawrence CommunityWorks in Lawrence Massachusetts - a community development and community building group using a 'network-centric' approach to local resident engagement work. Bill currently lives in Cambridge Mass and was born and raised in Lawrence.
Altagracia Portorreal
Lawrence CommunityWorks
Network Membership Coordinator at LCW. Began at LCW as a network member involved in NeighborCircles and other network activities. Began as staff at LCW in February of this year and came to LCW from Community Action Inc. Altagracia is a Lawrence resident and originally from the Dominican Republic.
Delmy Rosales
Lawrence CommunityWorks
Delmy is a member of Lawrence CommunityWorks who has participated in a wide range of network activities: PODER Leadership Institute graduate, MemberLink Coordinator, Network Guide and Lead Guide and also served as a Reviviendo Fellow. Delmy is a Lawrence resident and orginally from El Salvador.
Alma Couverthie
Lawrence CommunityWorks
Director of the Network Organizing Forum (NOF) at LCW and one of the shapers of the LCW nework-centric organizing approach. Alma was the former Network Organizing Director at LCW. Alma came to LCW in 1999 and was formerly a union organizer in the Boston Area. She is originally from Puerto Rico
Nelson Butten
Lawrence CommunityWorks
Nelson is the Director of Collective Action and Mobilization (CAM) at Lawrence CommunityWorks and is one of the architects of LCWs unique NeighborCircles strategy which is now being practiced in urban and rural communities across the US. Nelson joined LCW in 2003 as a Community Organizer. Nelson is a Lawrence resident and orginally from the Dominican Republic.
Elliot Stern
Academic Superintendent | K-8 & Middle Schools, Boston Public Schools

Carrie Maille Hickey
Assistant Academic Superintendent | K-8 & Middle Schools, Boston Public Schools

Assistant Executive Director,
Panasonic Foundation
Panasonic Foundation is the primary funder and organizer of the New Jersey Network of Superintendents, a community of practice focusing on the instructional core. Additionally, the Foundation works in long-term partnership with 9 public K-12 school districts who share our commitment to breaking the links between race, poverty, and educational outcomes. I am interested in learning how to deepen our learning and improve our practice in both the Network and the Partnership Program.
Bert Hendee
Assistant Director, Large Unit District Association
Springfield, Illinois
I work for an organization that represents 54 large unit school districts in the State of Illinois. It is our purpose to support networking and professional development for superintendents and their cabinets as well as support legislative and policy work that promotes the mission of these school districts. Diane Rutledge is the Executive Director.
Pamela Britton White
Retired professional in mediation and conflict resolution
In retirement, I am new to the NGO world as it relates to my work with women's micro-credit groups in West Africa. I hope to learn more about the partnership/collaboration possibilities posed by emerging technologies.
Brendan O'Day
(Ed.D. APSP, '06)
Founding Partner
The Meristem Group
I'm very interested in learning how technologies like wiki pages can be used to complement face-to-face learning events, especially for educators who are transforming urban schools. In programs where face-time is limited and infrequent (one day, every 4 months), the use of the spaces in between becomes an essential part of the teaching/learning strategy.
Circe Stumbo
President, West Wind Education Policy Inc.
(Ed.M 1996)
Like Brendan, we are interested in using technologies to extend our work beyond the once-monthly sessions we organize in our Consortia on Racial Equity in K-12 Education. So much of that work feels like it must be conducted face-to-face, but we trust that it can take place virtually, as well.
Jeff Slater
Principal, Curley K-8 School, Boston Public Schools, jslater@boston.k12.ma.us
As a first-year principal in a K-8 school with a very active parent community and access to many community resources, I am interested in continuing to develop my leadership skills and think creatively about how to best leverage resources and partnerships across the whole school so that all students can reap the benefits.
Bonnie McIntosh
COO, West Wind Education Policy, Inc.
I am interested in how educators can can provide a space for learning and then step aside and see what sort of knowledge is created by the students (k-12). I am also interested in figuring out what it takes for adult learners to engage and not be overwhelmed with such tools as wikis, online classes, FB, etc...as it often sounds like just "one more thing to do"
Kirstin McCarthy
Associate Director of Programs, Business Higher Education Forum
I am a 2004 graduate of the APSP (now EPM) program in education. Current, I work at BHEF, working with the business and higher education communities to improve support for public education. We are constantly looking for new ways to connect CEOs, University Leaders, and their staff in a variety of initiatives and projects.
Marsha Levy
System Principal, Corporate Partnerships
Calgary Board of Education
I am responsible for managing partnerships between our school district and outside organizatons that provide opportunities to enhance the education of our K-12 students. I am interested in how others support, evaluate, and build partnerships with non-profit and for profit organizations.
Liz McGonagle
Interim Assistant Superintendent/Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Falmouth Public Schools, lmcgonagle@falmouth.k12.ma.us
In my role I am continuously trying to build capacity between schools, administrators, teachers, students and the community. We have been experimenting with the use of online tools to improve communication, support teacher collaboration, and extend learning. I know we can do much more and am interested in learning more about what other organizations are doing.
Emily Dexter
Director of Research, Center for Literacy Collaborative and Reading Recovery, Lesley University School of Ed. (Ed.D., HDP, HGSE, 2000) edexter@lesley.edu
I'm the research director for a literacy-related school improvement program based at Lesley University. I provide professional development and support to hundreds of principals, leadership teams, and literacy coaches around issues of school-based program evaluation, student assessment, and data collection, analysis, and documentation. I am looking for ways to communicate within my own network, and to collaborate with other organizations doing similar work.
Lito Adanza
Public Secondary School Administrator of Johnny Ang

National High Scho,ol, Katangawan, General Santos City Philippines. lito_1371@yahoo.com.ph
I am the president of the Division Association of Teachers for Culture and Arts, currently I am a secondary school head of one of the public secondary schools in our city. I am very much interested with competency based learning since I am a member of the Technical Working Group ( TWG ) on NCBTS and monitoring and evaluation member of our division. I am also a part time professor of the graduate program of Holy Trinity College here in General Santos City.
Gary Obermeyer
School Transformation Consultant, Learning Options , obee@learningoptions.net
For more than two decades I have focused my professional energies on networking school-centered change initiatives that engage practitioners in designing, implementing, and learning from their innovative efforts. Over the years, my work has increasingly centered on the formal process of continuous school improvement, and specifically in the use of web-based communication and content management to make school improvement more efficient, continuous, dynamic, job-embedded, and inclusive. I believe that, under the right conditions, continuous school improvement can be the engine for transformation.
Kathryn Keene
Early Childhood Educator
MWVCTC @ Kennett High School
North Conway, NH kathykeene5@hotmail.com
CAGS student @ Plymouth State University
I teach 9th-12th graders..."Foundations of Education", hoping to ignite the next generation of teachers. I am very interested in bringing the "leader" out in my students. [Tony Wagner's, The Global Achievement Gap, arrived on my doorstep today (yes!).] I am blessed with 17 classroom computers and want to use them to engage the reluctant learner...civic and moral engagement intitiatives intrigue me...
Isaac Quist
Director, Senior School Programs
Wesley College, Melbourne, Australia
One of the significant challenges for anyone in my role as a curriculum leader in a multicampus school is devising ways to foster a culture of operating together as one school with a shared ethos rather than as separate schools each with its own fiercely guarded identity. The challenge is made somewhat richer by a desire to reach out to remote Aboriginal Australia in a way that builds capacity and enhances life choices for the youth of our diverse communities. As a school we're blessed with notebook computers and a comprehensively supporting infrastructure including wifi connectivity, interactive white boards etc. and yet ... how do we bring all stakeholders into productive collaborations that take us forward in our goals for the youth whose futures we have the privilege to help shape?
Diane Rutledge
Executive Director, Large Unit District Association (LUDA) drutledge@ludaschools.org
Our organization supports the superintendents and their leadership teams of the 54 largest unit school districts in Illinois in their efforts to improve student achievement. This is accomplished through professional development, networking, policy development, and advocacy. I was able to use strategies of communication and relationship building successfully as a district superintendent and am now exploring scaling these efforts on a statewide level
Begoña Menéndez Canal
Secondary School teacher and teacher trainner in Asturias.Spain.
I'm very much interested in learning new approaches to reach higher standards in Education.I would like to learn new paths to build a new Educational scenario between schools, administrators, teachers, students and the community.I am interested in how to support, evaluate, and build partnerships with non-profit and for profit organizations to enhance education.
Bill Snyder
Researcher and consultant
Cambridge, MA
wikispace profile
I research and organize communities of practice that promote action-learning among diverse, interdependent organizations. I am now writing a "communigraph" (via a wiki coming soon...) about how to develop collaborative, multi-stakeholder networks that address issues such as health, energy, and education--both within cities and across them (U.S. and beyond).
Angela McGuire
Program Associate, WestEd CPEI
I am assisting in the development of online training and technical assistance solutions for the Early Start Comprehensive System of Personnel Development.
Frank O'Linn
Associate Principal, St. Edward High School, Lakewood, OH
I am interested in the use of formal and informal networks to invite teachers into roles of leadership.
Susan Sturm
George M. Jaffin Professor of Law and Social Responsibility and Director of Center for Institutional and Social Change at Columbia Law School, www.groundshift.org
The Center for Institutional and Social Change develops frames, strategies and methodologies to advance inclusion and public problem solving through institutional change. A substantial part of its work involves collaborative inquiry and field research on partnerships and networks to advance full participation in higher education.
Andrea Nagel
Senior Associate, Interaction Institute for Social Change
IISC supports change agents interested in forwarding social change along many different fronts and who are wanting to do it collaboratively and in new and more impactful ways. We are deepening our understanding of how networks help people do just that.
Judy Jeffrey
Director of the Iowa Department of Education
Iowa has developed a strong policy environment for the development of quality educator leaders. As we continue to implement and improve our practices across our system I am very interested in how we can go to scale with quality assurances through the use of online tools. I believe there are new advances in technology that education has not yet tapped to increase our efforts in communication, networking, and building and enhancing skills.
John Doak
Director of Academic Services
The Texas Institute for Teacher Education
I am the Director of Academic Services for The Texas Institute for Teacher Education, a private educator preparation program. I am interested in using collaborative networking with school districts, IHEs, the business sector, and other stakeholders to prepare novice educators to meet the unique learning needs of students with cultural, linguistic, and exceptional diversity.
SPED Teacher
CAGS School Leadership student
I am a CAGS School Leadership student and I am interested in learning about the 21st century school leadership style that I can apply in my classroom and in my future endeavors. I hope that by joining this network of school leaders, I will be able to expand my knowledge and my perspective of leading a community of learners as well as managing them.
Headteacher of Primary Private school
Our school is in Bangkok, Thailand. We are in the other side of the world but with the power of technology we all know what happen at the same time. It is good to share and prepare for the future world. I would love to learn more to lead our school
and I think this network will be very helpful for all if us.
David Zimmer
Transitional Coordinator
The COMPASS School
Jamaica Plain, MA
I am currently developing innovative transitional services at the COMPASS School, which will provide intensive, wrap-around school-to-work and school-to-college support services for students with a wide range of emotional and behavioral disabilities. Working closely with teachers, caseworkers and the Boston business community, our transitional services will help students develop job skills, provide job placement services and evaluate job performance. Students receiving support will acquire valuable work experience, quantifiable job skills and meaningful, lasting connections with their community.
Marty Zanghi
Director of Youth & Community Engagement
Muskie School of Public Service
Unvisersity of Southern Maine
Portland, ME
We work closely with the public and private sectors to bring about lasting and meaningful change for marganilzed people. We have specialized in working with youth presently or formally in the child welfare system (foster care) to develop their leadership skills in order to educate others, build community support and to create new opportunities and resources.
Lou Salza
Head of School, Lawrence School, OH
Lawrence serves students in grades 1-12 who have learning differences like dyslexia & ADHD. At Lawrence "learning differences are not disabilities and great minds don't think alike." I serve on the Harvard Principal's Center Advisory Board and I am a sitting trustee of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). I am interested in exploring how emerging technologies and networking opportunities might promote the deconstruction of the silos we have inhabited for so many years. For example the literature and annual conferences that serve gifted students might inform instruction and assessment for students with dyslexia. General education environments could replicate much of what has driven success in the independent special education schools that have grown up all around the country in the last 30 years. I am also interested in connecting to educational leaders and researchers interested in applying what we have learned about early literacy development.
Mark Hecker
Ed.M. Candidate in School Leadership
Founder and Executive Director of Reach, Inc.
Reach, Inc. will hire and train below grade-level high school students to provide academic support services in high need elementary schools. We hope to launch programming in Washington DC in the fall of 2010.
Joe Micheller
Director of Educational Services
Cleveland Heights-University Heights Schools
University Hts. Ohio
I’m interested in collaborating and sharing ideas and experiences in this type of environment as a way to learn, grow professionally, and gain insights that I can apply to my work. I believe that we can’t effectively lead change unless we actively get involved with the new digital tools and resources that are now available.
Robert Villanova
Director, Executive Leadership Program, Department of Educational Leadership, Neag School of Education, University of Connecticut;
I am an active participant in a variety of educational leadership networks including the Ct Center for School Change's Superintendent Network. I am interested in collaborations that build individual and group capacity and using technology to expand and strengthen formal and informal networks. I am interested in the work underway in this class.
Alan Addley
Superintendent, Granby Public Schools, Granby, Connecticut
I am interested in the role of the superintendent and central office in increasing student achievement. I am also interested in the leverage for change provided by professional networks.
uloma ike
MasonFellow, Kennedy School of Government. ulomaike@gmail.com
I am interested in improving education in Africa through improving teaching quality and teaching methods.
Charlene DiCalogero
Assistant Director, Lesley U. Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative, Cambridge, MA
As the person responsible for writing grants and contracts, and also on our Technology Commitee, I am researching new ways of using technology to reach and assist educators in schools and district in the US and abroad with professional development and systems improvement to support student literacy achievement. I hope to learn more about the potential of interactivity on the web.
Flora Belot
Founder and Head of School, Wikids School, Paris, France, vosquestions@wikids-lecole.com
As founder of a private elementary school in France, I'm interested in finding new networks, and partnerships to improve our methods (there's few private schools in France...).
Maggie Vishneau
Project Director
Muskie School of Public Service
University of Southern Maine
Portland, Maine
I am part of a team that works w/ the public and private sectors to bring about lasting and meaningful change for marginalized people. We have specialized in working with youth presently or formerly in the child welfare system (foster care) to develop their leadership skills in order to educate others & to create new opportunities and resources. We are currently developing community networks that support youth as they transition from foster care.
Varina Bleil
Ed.M. Candidate
Harvard Graduate School of Education
Arts in Education
I graduating this June from HGSE and interested in partnerships and networking to increase productivity and resources between arts organizations and nonprofits in Los Angeles, CA.
Andrea Meyer
President & Founder, Working Knowledge
[[http://www.twitter.com/AndreaMeyer |www.twitter.com/AndreaMeyer ]]
I've been researching & writing about innovative management practices for 21 years, primarily for MIT as well as for consulting companies. I'm also interested in helping cities link their university & business communities to support innovation & entrepreneurship. We recently began this effort in Boulder, CO, and I'm interacting (virtually) with leaders in other cities embarking on similar goals.
Arrington Chambliss
Director of Diomass Young Adult Intern Programs, Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts
Interested in developing a new project with 20 different young adult interns. Interested in networking interns around spirituality and justice projects. Also interested in linking to national network of faith and justice-based young adult intern programs.
In transition, having spent 30 years in public service. Not sure if next phase will involve serving with another federal agency or working with a non-profit but appreciate the opportunity to continue learning and applying new skills. My interest and experience include implementing organizational change, developing metrics, sponsoring communities of practice and working with fellow public servants across federal, state and city government In New York.
Andrea Condit
Office of Urban District Assistance (UDA)
Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Educationacondit@doe.mass.edu
UDA supports 23 urban districts, with the bulk of our time focused on collaboration with districts and school leaders in the State's 10 Comissioner's Districts (the largest, highest poverty urban districts) to identify and share strategies for capacity-building, resource allocation, and program evaluation for large-scale instructional improvement. One of my roles is to help the various offices/units at DESE stay informed of each others' efforts so we can learn from each other and align our efforts to provide more coherent support to districts - essentially trying to find ways to forge internal networks at the Department. In addition we are looking for ways to facilitate networks among districts and within districts to share promising practices and improve instruction. I am curious to learn more about this technology as well as the content within the site itself.
Bill Carozza
Principal, Harold Martin School, Hopkinton NH. Also, Adjunct Professor of Education at New England College, in Henniker NH
I found this wiki through some online research on Instructional Rounds which at first glance appears to be a very effective means of improving instruction. Kudos to Prof. Teitel and his class for developing this wiki. Looking to share ideas through my blog, Principal Reflections and through Twitter at @wcarozza
Rob Woodward
Critical Difference Learning Solutions
Preeta Bansal

As a consultant in the broad area of organisational development and learning, and as a part time tertiary teacher, I have a great interest in discovering tools and strategies to support the development and operation of networks/partnerships, within and across varied groups (education, community, business etc.) for such purposes as learning, knowledge sharing and collaborative planning/decision making. In addition, I am particularly interested in exploring and better understanding the nature of leadership within such partnerships.

Biniti Trivedi Principal, Tejas Vidyalaya, Vadodara, Gujarat, India Our school has been part of the DFID partnership sponsored by
binititrivedi@yahoo.com the British Council and the experience confirms my belief that
networking and partnerships enhance learning. I would also like
to connect with people and share ideas to further develop my
leadership skills. I am sure this will be a mutually beneficial
learning ground for all.