Partnering: Leadership Skills for a Networked World

Welcome to Partnering: Leadership Skills for a Networked World

This wiki was started by professor Lee Teitel and 14 graduate students as part of the course: Partnering: Leadership Skills for a Networked World at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Our aim is to explore key questions of leadership while realizing the full potential of collaborative learning in a networked world. Through this wiki site, our virtual class sessions, and the social network platform (Facebook) we seek to create an interactive public forum where practitioners, scholars, consultants, and other interested parties can learn and share with each other about issues of partnerships and networks. We invite you to participate in each of these three forums. The information below will help you get started and the links to the left allow you to navigate the site.
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  • hello_my_name_is.JPGTHE WIKI - Start by signing in on this wiki site. You will see who else has joined, and what brings them to this topic. Through this wiki we have begun to explore key issues of leadership in a fast-paced, increasingly networked world. With many organizations facing the need for deep-seated transformational change, conventional perspectives on partnerships as primarily transactional—allowing organizations to coordinate with each other and negotiate for services -- are not sufficient. The content of this wiki focuses on partnerships and networks that break this mold, and how leaders in them have mastered the skillful use of partnerships and networks to bring in new ideas and help with transformative work. We have begun to explore what it takes to be one of these innovators—and how leaders can boldly work across borders and shape the larger environments in which they operate, as well develop adaptive capacity in their own organizations. Our conversation has focused in on three themes: finding and nurturing partnerships and networks, increasing connectivity, leading within an organization. Each of these themes are represented in the left-hand navigation bar, click on the links to view our thinking and contribute to the conversation.

  • After you sign in, please participate in the conversation by adding your ideas, experiences, questions to the content pages. This is a wiki, a truly democratic collaborative tool; please contribute your knowledge and experience. Most pages are fully editable.If you have never edited a wiki, when you click on the video button you will have a chance to see a short how-to video .

  • classroom-1.jpgVIRTUAL CLASSROOM SESSIONS - On April 10, 17, and 24, from 9:00-10:30 EDT, we invite you into our classroom to learn from and engage with innovative leaders who are using networks in powerful and transformative ways. Using a simple, web conferencing application you will be able to hear our presenter and class discussion, view PowerPoint presentations, and contribute with questions, comments, and ideas. Click here to learn more about the web conferencing application, session topics and guest speakers.

  • networkleadershipskills_»_home.jpg SOCIAL NETWORK - We have created a group on the social networking platform, facebook. Joining this group will allow you to "meet" people with common interests, and have deeper, on-going discussions about leading in a networked world. We welcome you to get to know the people in the network by connecting to us on Facebook .